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Christmas Alliance 2006

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Welcome to the 2006 Christmas Alliance HQ Homepage

The Christmas Alliance HQ Homepage is your one-stop location for all blogging things Christmas.

If you’re a reader, welcome! Grab a cup of cocoa and a gingersnap or two and spend some time browsing the links below.

If you’re a blogger, welcome! Link and Trackbackyour Christmas-related posts to this site, and I’ll hardlink under the appropriate category, with new categories added as necessary. (Feel free to link any posts you’ve already done inNovember/December 2006.)Trackback URL for this entry is:

We’ll eventually end up with a library of Christmas-related posts fromAlliance members (and likely others)around the ‘net. No adult content or foul language, please. Let’s keep this a family-friendly collection. I reserve the right to delete/not link if the post doesn’t meet The Christmas Alliance HQ PostingGuidelines.

Now, on with Christmas:


Adam’s Blog

An Island Life

Cathouse Chat

Conservababes, Right from New Fallujah

HighDesert Hi-Jinks

Pet’s Garden Blog

Renaissance Blogger

Tidbits and Treasures

The Random Yak

The Wide Awake Cafe

Third World County

CHRISTMAS POSTS 2006: Featuring The Carnival of Christmas II

Carnival of ChristmasFounded, Sponsored and Hosted by Adam’s Blog

Carnival of Christmas 2006 – Official Announcement and Submission Guidelines (Adam’s Blog)

Carnival of Christmas IIand the Christmas Alliance (Cathouse Chat)

Christmas Alliance 2006 (The Real Ugly American)

Christmas Alliance & Christmas Carnival (Renaissance Blogger)

(Yes, I know “Carnival” should, technically, come after “Advent” – but Adam puts a lot of effort into the Carnival of Christmas and I’m keeping this at the top so everyoneremembers to submit early, often and well.)


Advent Wreath(Pet’s Garden Blog)

First Sunday in Advent – Desires (Renaissance Blogger)

Second Sunday in Advent – Blue Collar Workers (Renaissance Blogger)

Third Sunday in Advent – Mary (Renaissance Blogger)

Alliance Members’ Christmas Day Wishes

Adam’s Blog: Merry Christmas from Adam and Andrea Graham

An Island Life: Our Own Little Toy Store

Cathouse Chat: Welcome, Immanuel!

The Random Yak: Christmas Blessings

The Wide Awake Cafe: Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

Third World County: A Christmas…erm…Carol of Sorts

Tidbits and Treasures: Blogging on Christmas

Christmas Alliance

That’s What Christmas is All About, Charlie Brown (The Ward View)

Christmas Spirit

Getting in the Mood for Christmas (Tidbits and Treasures)

The Night Before the Eve ofChristmas (Tidbits and Treasures)

Twas the Night Before Christmas 2006 (Adam’s Blog)

Cookies, Candy and Christmas Treats

Random Christmas Facts: Christmas Cookies (The Random Yak)


A Different Kind of Christmas (The Wide Awake Cafe)

An Unbroken Christmas Tradition (The Wide Awake Cafe)

Christmas Eve Memories (third world county)

Nanny and the Christmas Birds (The Wide Awake Cafe)

Food and Recipes

A Fav Christmas Season Memory (Third World County)

Humor (Or What Passes For It)

Helping the Senator’s Aide: Random Reasons for the Season (The Random Yak)

Rudolph (Third World County)

Where’s Santa? (The Random Yak)


Hail! Hail to the Newborn King (Cathouse Chat)

Incarnation of Christ (Pet’s Garden Blog)

Kicked Outta The Manger (Third World County)

The Gift of Gifts (Third World County)

Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Triumphant (Adam’s Blog)

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas (Tidbits and Treasures)

Keeping Christ in Christmas (Tidbits and Treasures)

Merry Christmas, Fruitcake (The Random Yak)

On Christmas Lists (The Random Yak)

The Gift to the Shepherds … and to Us (Adam’s Blog)

The Peace of Christmas (Tidbits and Treasures)

News and Politics

Has Anything Changed? Yes, Everything (Adam’s Blog)

Merry Hanukkah and Happy Christmas(Woman Honor Thyself)

Monday Frivol: Get ‘em While They’re … Reindeer (The Random Yak)

Yak of the Week: Christmas Spirit Edition (The Random Yak)

Photos and PhotoEssays

Christmas Parade (Pet’s Garden Blog)

The Not-So-Perfect Holiday Photo (An Island Life)


The Nativity StoryReview (Adam’s Blog)


Christmas Haiku, part 1 (The Random Yak)

Christmas Renaissance Poetry – John Donne (Renaissance Blogger)

Sing Along With Tigger (Pet’s Garden Blog)

U.S-E.R. of the Day: Christmas Haiku (The Random Yak)

Random But Fun

Christmas Fun With Cubicles (The Random Yak)

Random Christmas Things (An Island Life)


December 1: Inaugural Christmas Alliance Reading List (The Random Yak)

Santa Claus

NORAD Will Track Santa Again This Year (Cathouse Chat)

Songs, Hymnsand Carols

Christmas at Rock-Away Rest (Third World County)

Christmas Carols by Jews (Woman Honor Thyself)

Favorite Christmas Hymns – Love Came Down (Renaissance Blogger)

No Holy Night (Third World County) (Editor’s Note: I’m not altogether sure this is music…but I’m not altogether sure what else it might be called, either.)

Sing Along! (Pet’s Garden Blog)

Sing We Now of Christmas (Cathouse Chat)

The Gift (Third World County)

There’s a Rose in Bethlehem (The Random Yak)

Thou Who Wast Rich Beyond All Splendour (Third World County)

Thursday 13

Thirteen Christmas Carols (Third World County)

Thirteen Favorite Christmas Carols (Renaissance Blogger)

Thirteen Things the Cat Wants for Christmas (The Random Yak)

Trees, Lights and Decorations

2006 Christmas Tree Decorating Contest – Voting is Now Open (An Island Life)

Bats on a Tree! (The Random Yak)

Christmas Gifts of Aloha (An Island Life)

Decorating the Bathroom for Christmas (The Random Yak)

I Finally Got Around To It (The Wide Awake Cafe)

Random Facts About Poinsettias (The Random Yak)

Rockin’ the Christmas Lights Again (My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy)

*Note: Don’t expect the category list to remain short or “normal.” If I don’t see a category that works for your post, I’ll create one.


  1. [...] The next good news is the Christmas Alliance has its own (Yippee!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!)))))))) page .. residing under the tender care of the Random Yak Technorati Tags: Christian, ChristmasChristian Christmas [...]

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  2. [...] H/T to CatHouse Chat for telling us about the 2nd Carnival of Christmas way out West at Adam’s Blogand Random Yak’s Christmas Alliance 2006. [...]

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  3. [...] Visit the alliance of Christmas bloggers for wonderful inspiration thanks to the Random Yak.. and Basil’s Blog.. which gives the best and better news! Technorati Tags: LifeLife [...]

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  4. Huh. My pingbacks (*IS* there a difference between that and “trackbacks”? I use them interchangeably…) haven’t come through yet. Darn.

    And don’t forget to add me to the Christmas Alliance!!! [big, earnest anime kitten eyes], LOL

    – Kat

    Comment by Kat — December 5, 2006 @ 8:39 am

  5. Oh, thanks, Yak – you’re too sweet! Do you have any idea why my TBs aren’t going thru?

    – Kat

    Comment by Kat — December 5, 2006 @ 10:16 am

  6. Hmm. No real idea, except perhaps that they’re being held in the moderation queue for some reason. I’ll check the moderation queue and see what I can figure out.

    Comment by Random Yak — December 5, 2006 @ 10:59 am

  7. [...] check out the Random Yak who is organizing this for the 2nd year in a row. If you have a Christmas post be sure to trackback to the Yak. If you just want to feel all warm and runny inside check out the Yak’s long list of links to some really god Christmas posts. Linking Posts [...]

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  11. Blarg. Here we go again…! I tried to ping you for this post, but the TB didn’t go thru…


    Either it’s RocketPost (my blogging editor), or TPad is being snicky again..

    – Kat

    Comment by Kat — December 8, 2006 @ 9:30 am

  12. Seems to be Typepad. I’ve had email from a couple of Typepad users indicating that they’re having difficulty with the trackbacks. The links themselves will usually show on my meters/dashboard within a few hours of posting, so keep linking and tracking back, and I should be able to pick you up via link even if the TB isn’t working. I’ll also see if I can get I.T. Yak to look into the problem. He’s usually pretty good at getting these things working.

    Comment by Random Yak — December 8, 2006 @ 10:15 am

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