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Darth W and His Stormtroopers of Food Distribution

Filed under: Ack Yak — Random Yak @ 5:50 am on February 7, 2006

Don’t look now, but the evil Darth W has done it again!

This time, his evil Stormtroopers of Food Distribution are helping to open food centers in Iraq. These destructive "signs of American Imperialism" (give us your hungry…) will operate under the direction of the new Iraqi government, enabling average citizens to purchase various food staples at reduced prices. (Food? Available where none was available before? For ordinary people?? Say it isn’t so!)

Those interfering U.S. Troops recaptured the buildings used to house the food center from warlords and gang members, who had been using the structures to plan criminal activities. (They’re evicting people! Stop them! – Oh, wait…they’re evicting the bad people. Nevermind.)

Next thing you know, they’ll be opening schools and handing out shoes to the poor! Stop them! Bring them home now - before people figure out the U.S. Military does more than shoot people and break things….

Nicely done gentlemen (and ladies). Kudos to the U.S. Military for another job well done, and a boot to the head for the MSM – for missing yet another story of actual interest.

Tip of the Horns, Officer Candidate VanTreuren at Camp Katrina

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