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In Honor of Children’s Book Week

Filed under: Frivol — Random Yak @ 11:44 am on May 10, 2010

(May 10-17, 2010)

A few long-forgotten favorites that came to mind this week (for unusual reasons I’ll disclose in the parentheticals):

1.  Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing – Judi and Ron Barrett.  If you haven’t read this one, and you have small kids, it’s a must.  The porcupine in the flowered dress on the cover pretty much says it all.  I read this until it literally fell apart…and then some.  (Came back to mind when Fat Lily the Cat tried to hide under a blanket.  Unfortunately for her, she also thinks “if my head is hidden no one can see the outrageously large other end – which probably needs backup beepers or a flag to comply with local ordinances regarding the movement of large objects.”)

2.  Sylvester and the Magic Pebble – William Steig.  Taught me Important Life Lesson #32: “When in the presence of magic objects, it is inadvisable to wish you were a rock.” and its corollary, 32(a): “Probably best just not to wish you were a rock at all.”  (Blame the pastor for this one coming to mind.  He had the ushers pass out rocks at the start of service on Sunday, without explaining their intended purpose.  After I recovered from the initial disappointment of learning we weren’t actually bringing back stoning (probably due to a lack of volunteers)…my next thought was in the “magic pebble” vein).)

There are many, MANY others I’d recommend, but those are the ones floating around in my mind lately.

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