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One Good Thing: Not Attacking Myself in Public.

Filed under: Frivol,Just Yaks,One Good Thing — Random Yak @ 11:25 am on April 23, 2010

(Another good thing: not losing to myself in public…)

Today’s Random Thought/One Good Thing brought to you by: the two-headed bobtail lizard of Australia.

Once again, BBC News has published the glorious truth that nothing of note goes on in the UK of a Friday.  Or anywhere else in the world, apparently.  “The Big Picture” of The World as We Know it boils down to this: sometimes the bobtail lizard has babies with two heads.  And sometimes those heads don’t like one another very much.

The twoheaded bobtail (a variety of skink – which might explain the negative attitude, since skinks are notoriously bad-tempered) was “rescued” by a reptile park (U.S. English, read “zoo-like place where animals live in captivity”) in Perth, Australia.  The heads share control of the creature’s back legs, but seem to have completely separate brains.  The larger head also seems less than fond of its conjoined twin, and has attacked it from time to time.  Probably for waking it up for bathroom visits in the middle of the night.  (I told you…no coffee after nine!) Or something.

So if today’s not going well for you, and you’re looking forward to 5:00 because nothing else seems to be going your way, take a moment and ponder the fact that you’re not a short-lived, two-headed skink attached for life to half a creature that wants to kill you just because it finds your potty habits inconvenient.  Makes the rest of it seem a little brighter, no?


  1. I told myself to sleep in, take the day off, lay about resting up for the trials and tribulations of the week to come, but did I listen to myself? No! I argued and browbeat myself into getting up way too early for a Saturday and waxing my buns doing stuff that “needed” to be done, though I kept telling myself it’d be better done next weekend.

    Do I listen to myself? Hardly.

    Wait. How does that work again?

    Comment by David — April 24, 2010 @ 2:52 pm

  2. (BTW, is it any coincidence that “skank” is but one letter different to “skink”? I think not. Unfortunately, both of them differ from “skunk” by only one letter–each, of course. And skunks are one of God’s favorite creatures. Why else would He give them such an alluring aroma?)

    Comment by David — April 24, 2010 @ 2:54 pm

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