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Windy City Glass takes empty beverage bottles and turns them into glasses.  Like this:

Windy City Glass

Windy City Glass


My admitted and well known appreciation for (useful forms of) blown glass aside…this is just cool. I particularly like the green ones without logos (like the Heineken ones shown here in a stolen allegedly fair use image I’m posting for purposes of advertising on the glassmaker’s behalf…) but the root beer and Stewart’s soda glasses are pretty awesome too, and the ones with logos intact would probably be a pretty cool gift for a fan.

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  1. I actually have plans for a jig to aid in cutting bottles to use as glasses. Haven’t built the jig yet (table saw’s still at Lovely Daughter’s house), but I have everything needed to built it, and everything needed to then convert some of my collection of beer bottles (from beers bought, not personally brewed) into glasses. Glass cutters. Check. “Tapping” tool. Check. Emery cloth. Check. Industrial strength epoxy (because I am NOT going to fuse bases to bottles by melting the glass. Just Not Going There. :-)). Check.

    Should be fun. I plan to mostly use New Belgium Brewing bottles, because I like the shape and detail. Oh, I have some nice, green Stella Artois bottles (the bottles better than the beer) that I’d like to do something with, but I suspect I’ll be using them to bottle some more Apple Cider. Green. Apple cider. Just seem to go together. Spiced apple cider in some nice brown Anchor Steam bottles, but regular… yeh, the green Stella Artois bottles.

    *sigh* I dunno. I thought for a while of building a beer bottle window to replace the faux stained glass front window, but my Wonder Woman nixed that idea.

    Comment by David — April 9, 2010 @ 1:27 pm

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