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Friday Notes from the Weeds

Filed under: Just Yaks — Random Yak @ 9:36 am on April 9, 2010

It’s been a weedy week, to say the least.  Between grading midterms at the-university-where-I-thought-I-was-finished-teaching (never underestimate the power of a friendly department chair with a special request for “one more round”), a looming deadline with the Patent and Trademark Office (for the record “likelihood of confusion” during the response drafting stage isn’t the type that sinks you) and both Yak the Younger and The Random Spouse under the weather in one way or another…it’s been one of those weeks we don’t tend to talk about on the blog.  And yeah, I mention it now because in some corner of This Side of the Mountain, when the sun shines on the new grass and the wind smells sweet…my delusional self thinks it might excuse not blogging.

Not so much.

Because even with grades to shirk, deadlines to ignore and a couple of less-than-healthy family members at home, it is a beautiful day.  One of those mornings where the phrase “God’s in His Heaven and All’s Right With the World” seems absolutely and presently true.  There’s fresh coffee in the pot, a breakfast burrito on the counter, and I’m probably one ill-timed smirk from getting slapped for my unreasonable happiness.

Yeah, it’s one of those weeks too.

Funny how they can happen at the very same time, isn’t it?

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