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…let theInternet tell it for you.Though in fairness, a tempest that big in a teapot that small was probably bound to explode before anyone even spoke the words.

For those living in a cyber-hole or otherwise unavailable, it appearsJohn Edwards decided to hire a couple of bloggers to help promote his presidential campaign. It also appears that (true to form) Edwards made his selection from a short-list of bloggers meeting his campaign needs: left-wing, liberal, feminist – all the things that make a Democrat’s heart skip a beat withhappiness, right?

Well, maybe just the skip a beat part.

Because, you see, after what was doubtless a thorough vetting that included reading at least two paragraphs from each blog,Edwards managed to select not one but two of the more (*cough*) outspoken opponents of religion (particularly Catholicism), conservatism and all things non-flapping -neither ofwhom has anyqualms about using all of the available words to express themselves.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

As it happens I, like Gaius atBlue Crab Boulevard, don’t actually read either of the bloggers on a daily basis (though I did once end up at Pandagon, and I won’t link it for what I consider very good reason) and I thought I’d stay out of the general gleeful-and-horrified postingsthat followed both Edwards’ decision to hire the bloggers in question and his subsequent announcement that perhaps he needed to reconsider this whole “blogger support” thing. (Though I admit I did watch and snicker.)

In keeping with standard operating principles I’m not going to make muchoriginal comment on the subject, primarily because I think it’s more or less adequately handled elsewhere, but I am putting together a reference roundup for those interested in catchin up or blogging on the subject.

Editor’s Note: I amissuing a blanket language warning for each and every website linked to and from this post. While the bloggers to which I link don’t themselves use the kind of language that violates my usual linking policy, both Pandagon and Shakespeare’s Sister clearly need their mouths washed out with industrial strength cleanser, and quotes taken from their sites – which form Exhibits 1-who-knows-what in the case for John Edwards’ lack of understanding about what constitutes proper vetting of a blogger before hiring them to write for your campaign – contain multiple f-bombs and other incendiary devices. Consider yourselves warned, and please don’t click the links unless you’re prepared for some pretty heavy fallout.

1.The most recent take on the story I’ve found comes from Sister Toldjah, who is reporting (as of 13:20 PST on February 8) that the bloggers have been rehired. (As it happens, she also has a very solid summary of the whole sordid affair, start to finish, so this one is worth a read.)It appears the lunatics may actually have taken control of the asylum campaign after all.

2. Michelle Malkin has been following the whole story, and has this update (with Hot Air Theater) on the firing of Pandagon and Shakespeare’s Sister. Whether or not the firing will stick is still up in the (hot) Air.

3. Blue Crab Boulevard points out that incidents like this give the MSM an opportunity to paint all bloggers with the same brush – and unfortunately, it’s got tar on it.

4. Edwards Pulls a Warner – by hiring bloggers to fight for his cause without properly investigating the weapons in their arsenals, or the possibilitythat the fallout might engulf his campaign in a virtualnuclear winter. From Sensible Mom.

5. The “Crashing and Burning” continues at Right Wing Nuthouse, where Rick Moran points out that it’s not the vulgarities that brought down the House of Pandagon – and shines a little light on the roaches scurrying to hide before the giant boot of the blogosphere crushes them beyond recognition.

6. The Political Pit Bull predicted the whole sordid affair – from the firing to the near-maniacal left-wing responseupon learning Pandagon and Shakespeare’s Sister had been shown the door.

7. Captain Ed analyzes the reaction around the ‘sphere, particularly on the left side of the aisle, over at Captain’s Quarters.

8. Pattericohas a take onthe MSM reaction.

9. Outside the Beltway, James Joyner points out the bloggers are bigger news than the candidate himself.

10. From The Anchoress, a well-written post about the difference between the willingness to engage in free speech and the willingness to accept the consequences thereof.

11. Astonishment that John Edwards actually hired the kind of blogger that the rest of us look at with eye-rolling, snickers and/or disbelief prevails at Webloggin under the appropriate title, “When Stupid People Blog.”

12. Hugh Hewitt weighs in with predictions that (a) Edwards will use the whole mess to “tack to the right” and (b) the left wing will erupt in aneurism-inducing screeds as a result of the firings. Time will tell, Hugh, Time will tell.

Many, many others are blogging on point, and I’ll add others if I notice new takes on the issue. For now, I think this selection pretty much covers the turf.

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