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Learning from Islam: War is the Only Solution, per Thomas Jefferson

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One prominent Democrat enthusiastically supports the war in Iraq against Islamic terrorism and oppression, President Thomas Jefferson.

Most Americans (at least those of us who are not majority members of Congress) heartily agree with the declaration of President Thomas Jefferson, “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!” About whom was he speaking when he stated this American national policy? About Islamic terrorists, the Muslim pirates and slave traders from Tripoli andthe Barbary Coast in the Mediterranean Sea, who who killed, kidnapped,and sold millions of innocent people into slavery and attacked American ships and enslaved their crews from 1776-1800 and on. The Muslim attackers had no previous contact with the United States (which had just become a nation) but they already hated us. The answer to the Islamic propaganda question, “America, ask yourselves, why do we hate you?” is not that America has done anything against Islam but that most Americans are Christians or non-Muslim. Muslims hate Americans and Christians because that is their theology and the teaching of the Qur’an and always has been. Happily some peace-loving Muslims dissent from this religious bigotry and hatred, but where Islamists can make national and public policy, this anti-Christian hatred is the uniform attitude.

Thomas Jefferson was elected President in part because he was pro-war. He despised the ransoms and blood money that the appeasers in Congress had been paying to the Muslim nations to reduce their bloody slave trade and piracy, and as President he sent troops against the Barbary Coast pirates and eventually destroyed the piracy and illicit trade in human souls practiced by the Islamic Barbary States.

What does the Marine anthem say?”From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, we will fight our country’sbattles on the land and on the sea.”

America’s militarydefeated Islamic terrorism in the early 19th century, and if Thomas Jefferson were leading the Democratic Party today he would despise their cries of appeasement and submission (which is the meaning of the term “Muslim”)and he would support the war in Iraq against Islamic terrorism today.

By the way, that First American-Muslim War against the Barbary States which beganin 1801 achieved military victory in 1805, but the Islamic terrorists were not totally defeated, and all the fighting finished, until 1815. The timetable in the present war in Iraq fits the same pattern.

The Muslims are right about one thing: War is the only solution to the conflict between Islam, Christianity and the democratic nations of the West.

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