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"The Responsibility Rests With Me" Presidential SpeechRoundup

Filed under: PoliYaks — Random Yak @ 8:18 am on January 11, 2007

Last night President Bush addressed the nation to discuss the United States’ involvement in and continuing plans for Iraq. I could summarize his words, but I won’t – primarily because I prefer to send you to the primary source. The transcript is here.

In keeping with my typical attitude that there’s no point re-saying what someone else has already said (unless it’s really, really funny) I’m not doing a specific point-by-point commentary on the President’s speech. Instead, let’s take a look at what others are saying this morning:

A good place to start: Captain’s Quarters has a liveblog of the President’s speech, with running commentary.

For a liveblog that summarizes and comments on the highlights, rather than every word, head to Stop the ACLU. This one is also an open thread with lots of reader commentary.

Adam’s Bloghas apodcast covering the troops heading overseas.

The view from the heartland: 2007 will be the year we leave Iraq, but let’s give the President credit – and support – for the new plan. Iowa Voice has the breakdown.

The Political Pit Bull says Bush may not have gone far enough in accepting responsibility, but that the plan’s the thing (to borrow a phrase) and that the answers to a few as-yet-unanswered questions (How many Iraqi soldiers? What happens if the plan fails?) may be the factors which prove critical to its success or failure.

Do you love your country? If so, and if you’re complaining about last night, then the Conservababes want to know how your plan is better.

The message from Church and State is simple and clear: surge or no surge, we still have to win.

Jay Tea at Wizbang looks at the potential “mistakes” the U.S. might have made in Iraq, and decides that while some might have been in error, most were not truly mistakes at all.

The Anchoress has an update on Democratic reactions to the war in Iraq and anything else President Bush decides is a good idea, appropriately titled “Dems: Bush is For it, so We’re Against it.”

Anther roundup can be found at The Blogs of War, and Right Truth has a “war on terror” roundup from around the world.

There’s lots more out there to see, but that’s your roundup for now.

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  1. World reaction to President sending more troops to Iraq…

    The speech itself was not one of the best, the delivery was awkward at times. President George W. Bush will never be known as a great orator. What matters is the content of the speech, which consisted of much more…

    Trackback by Right Truth — January 11, 2007 @ 9:07 am

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