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Hussein Hanged

Filed under: News Yaks — Random Yak @ 7:46 pm on December 29, 2006

The government of Iraq carried out Saddam Hussein’s death sentenceearly Saturday morning. Following denial of his final appeal, the former dictator was hanged before dawn. No Americans were present at what Iraqi national security advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie called “an Iraqi operation from A to Z.” In addition, no Sunni or Shiite clerics attended the hanging, which was observed by “the witnesses and those who carried out the actual execution” with little fanfare and apparently less advance media warning.

Despite what you may feel about Hussein’s trial (I think the verdict was fair) andsentence (in my opinion, well deserved and*cough* well executed), one thing is certain: Hussein has now met justice. Twice.(Once in Iraq….and once when he discovered there was someone waiting for him on the other side…but it wasn’t a group of nubile young virgins.)

Reaction around the ‘net is hardly surprising or unexpected. No one on the right is mourning Hussein’s early morning appointment with God – and some seem downright pleased the Iraqi goverment moved so quickly to refer the case to the ultimate tribunal. And, as always, the pun-dits are already out in force.

At least they didn’t leave us hanging.

(Note: many of these posts are updating either in real time or as news is released. Links may or may not require or contain language warnings due to updated content – click at your own risk.)

Kat at Cathouse Chat discusses Hussein’s imminent (at post time) execution, and manages to ask God to have mercy on his soul – though given the post title and content, it’s clear she shares the general sense of justice well served.

Rick at Right Wing Nuthouse finds nothing funny in Hussein’s death, but hopes it will serve as a warning to others – and an example to even more.

The Big Dog asks “Have You Heard the Knoose” and discusses both his own reaction (on the air) to the news of Hussein’s execution and what the event means for Iraq, politics and the American military.

Michelle Malkin has the historical and political summary, background and MSM/blogger reactions.

For a considered opinion on state-sponsored execution from a Catholic struggling with the issues surrounding giving the death penalty to those who really do deserve it, see The Anchoress. (Who also has a good roundup of additional blogger reactions to the news.)

Probably inappropriate, totally non-politically-correct and undeniably humorous as always, The Nose on Your Face has the “Top 9 Signs That Saddam Hussein is About to be Executed.”

Riehl World View takes the Grey Lady to task for an editorial claiming that “toppling Hussein won’t make a better Iraq, and neither will executing him.”

The juxtaposition of a great man lying in state and a brutal dictator meeting justice on the same weekend: brought to you by The Wide Awake Cafe.

Photos (and a promise of video…eventually) at MsUnderestimated. (language warning).

“Liberal World”‘s reaction, courtesy of Pirate’s Cove. (Read carefully: The language warning you need may be your own.)

Heidi at Euphoric Reality asks: “Where’s the Virgins?”

The Jawa Report has a link to a U.S. judge who seems to think there’s something he can do about Hussein’s hanging.

OverseasMSM reaction and updates at Blue Crab Boulevard.

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