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Decorating the Bathroom for Christmas

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Some things, you never wanted to know you were good at.

I don’t think I everdecorated a bathroom in my life (I know I wouldn’t admit it if I had), but that doesn’t seem to factor into Google’s decision to name me one of the top authorities on bathroom decoration. Because, according to Google and today’s unique, self-educating referrer, I am the #25 authority in the Googleverse onChristmas decorations for the bathroom.

Or, more specifically, on “how to decorate an office bathroom for Christmas.”

Never wanting to letthe public down, permit me to offer the following advice on decorating the office bathroomfor Christmas:


The snark gets loose (and potty humor abounds) below the fold.

You want to put a creche in the reception area? Fine. Santa in the copy room? Go for it. Little lighted reindeer on, under and around your desk? Knock yourself out (just don’t knock anyone else out, that’s an OSHA violation).

But don’t even think of putting Christmas decorations in the bathroom. One does not party in the bathroom. One does not go there for entertainment, frivolity, or even (gasp) to get into the Christmas spirit.And if that makes me a Scrooge I accept the title gladly. Random Yak – Christmas Potty Scrooge.

This alone isWorth a thousand reasonswhy we do NOT decorate the office bathroom for Christmas(but I’ll let it count as one). For the record I will not, repeat not, sit there.

As for ceramic toilet paper elves (if you haven’t seen one, don’t ask), ceramic elves belong on the lawn, where I have at least a sporting chance of *cough* accidentally running them over.

Blinking lights and twinkling stars look great on the front lawn. Ditto trees, houses and the occasional shrubbery. Their bright, chasing colors say “Christmas,” to everyone around. Put them in the office bathroom, however, and suddenly they sound strikingly different. The song isn’t “O Potty Tree,” – with good reason.

No chance. No way. (And while we’re on the subject…am I the only one disturbed by the fact that it’s sold out??) Please don’t replace the Charmin.

I’m all for Christmas decorations. Knock yourself out in your office, the reception area, the filing room and any other place you do business, save this one. Paint the windows, toss some tinsel, set up a tree. Put up the decorative Christmas quilt your wife made (and keep it up all year if you’ve a mind to). Set out Christmas cookies and mull cider all afternoon in the break room.

But please, let therebe peace in the bathroom – and let it begin with thee.

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  5. Hey Yak,

    I’m so sorry I hadn’t heard about your Christmas Alliance sooner!

    We’ve had our own Coalition going along similar lines! (Maybe a bit more sarcasm and stuff…)

    War on the War on Christmas is the blog,

    I hope you will look through our posts and see if we can somehow cooperate, bring our efforts together, in the remaining shopping days!

    Let’s give peace a chance!

    D. Ox

    Comment by dumbox — December 14, 2006 @ 6:39 pm

  6. P.s. I’ll add you to our blogroll over there right away!

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  11. You have no idea how relieved *heh* I was upon actually reading your post. The title gave me pause. “Could TRY actually advocate decorating the loo for Xmas?” shuddered I…

    Gladly, no.

    Comment by David — December 17, 2006 @ 7:07 am

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