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Elementary, my dear Meme…

Filed under: Just Yaks — Random Yak @ 10:02 am on September 22, 2006

Tagged by Adam of Adam’s Blog with a new and interesting meme. Dr.Watson lists the limitations on the great Sherlock Holmes’ knowledge in A Study in Scarlet. Taking the list to its natural and probable end, Adam has generated a meme designed to plumb the shallows of bloggers’ knowledge. With no further ado, here are my responses to his “Sherlock Holmes Meme”:

1) What is something you know practically nothing about?

Danish history (truly pathetic in a Yak of Danish descent)

2) What is something where your knowledge is weak?

Litigation. (This is why I have a law partner…)

3) What is something you know just enough about to get by?

Spanish (My conjugations stink, but everyoneseems to understand what I’m getting at.)

4) What is something where you have a profound depth of knowledge?

Weeeellll…using definition 1(a)- probablydrafting contracts and legal language (yeah, I know. My highest skill is putting people to sleep). Using definition 1(b)- parenting. I find it incredibly difficult to understand…but I keep trying.

5) What is something that you do even though you don’t do it well?


6) What is something you are expert at?

Raising roses. (A skill I learned from The Random Father.)

My turn to tag: I pick Pet (Pet’s Garden Blog), Chris (The Platypus Society) and Dane Bramage (of the blog of the same name). Tag – you’re it.

Tell us something we you don’t know.

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