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Showcase Carnival: Snake Oil Edition

Filed under: Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 6:02 pm on August 14, 2006

Sorry to all the carnies who showed up earlier looking for the Showcase Carnival (aka Carnival of New Blogs). Your ringmaster du jour was something of a sick-abed this morning, but better late than never, and so: On with the Carnival!

Our Icky-Sicky theme this week: The Cure For What Ails You (Trust me. Somewhere, out there, is a blogger with just what you need to cure, heal or uplift whatever’s getting you down).

So step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of all ages! While I demonstrate, explicate and illuminate the blogosphere’s newest cures! Come one, Come all, to a display of snake oils and patent remedies like none you’ve ever seen!

Suffering from Lagging Blogitis? One dose of The Real Estate Tomato and that sagging blog will come to life like never before! Take a look at the most recent remedy from this fabulous fruit: 8 Ps to Blogging Success and both you and your blog will look perkier, peppier and better than ever!

Creepinus crawlinus charisma a little low? Check in with Make Money Online and learn how to attract those webcrawlers in droves. Search Engine Submitand Search Engine Marketing arethe answer! A dose a day keeps the spiders…well, that doesn’t exactly work but you know what I mean…

Looking for a literal home remedy? gives you adaily shot of property development news – just the thing to keep your cheeks red and your spirits chipper. Today’s vaccine – Pound Strong Against Dollar and Euro, overseas property a good bet – will help build immunity against those sagging investments. 98-lb weakling no more!

Is your hard drive looking to shed a few kb? Overstuffed and overloaded is no way to head into the holidays! Lose unwanted kb now with Lite Reviews’ “Tickle My TiddlyWiki” (and no, that’s not for adults only). The new TiddlyWiki software will help you slim down and organize before Labor Day! It’s a miracle cure!

Our next cure will have you Bouncing Back in no time – but before you buy this one, ask yourself – Should You Have More House or More Life? Pick your answer and pick … the red pill, or the blue pill…

For those favoring more natural remedies…Dave Trager offers The Importance of Deep Breathing. Cure your ills! Aches and pains no more! Lower your stress and look better than you did in High School! (Okay, maybe deep breathing won’t do all that, but it might make you feel better…so give it a whirl.)

And there you have it! This week’s Carnival of Snake Oil New Blogs! Be sure to catch next week’s show over at Shoot a Liberal- and the following Monday at Pet’s Garden Blog. As always, thanks to Ringmaster Ogre for letting us pitch the tents over here on our side of the Mountain.

Want to try your hand? Do you think you belong in this crazy sideshow? Of course you do! That is, if you’ve got a blog less than three months old. Details and submission guidelines at the Showcase Website or at The Conservative Cat (click the multi-carnival submission form and follow the easy instructions).

See you at the next Carnival!

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