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Sheik Obama Acts Like a Muslim

Filed under: Just Yaks — Maniyak @ 11:51 am on March 16, 2014

I do not know whether President Barack Obama is a closet Muslim, but anyone can see that he governs like one. Muslims believe in and practice extremely strong centralized government with dictatorial powers in the King, Sheik, Emir or other Chief Executive. Laws are made to control the masses, in their judgment, but the elite leadership live above the laws (even above their sacred sharia) and do as they please. Clearly it is an embarrassment to Barack Obama that he is a mere “President,” that is, the leader of a collegial body of elected officials overseeing a self-governing people, under their Constitution. Obama ignores and disrespects the Constitution, and leads his officials to act likewise, because he believes that he is above the law. His personal ideology and idiosyncrasies, expressed through his “pen and cell phone”  in the form of executive orders (many of which are illegal and unconstitutional) , are, to him, the real sources of law. What he learned teaching constitutional law is that the President can act above the law with impunity. The courts will protect him from lawsuits, and the Democrats will never let him be impreached, so he bypasses and stonewalls Congress — that is, the legislators actually elected by the people to make the laws — and praises himself for being pro-active. “Tyrant” sounds so crude (but, Barack thinks, “Actually, I like the word; it’s so me”).  The only remedy is to prosecute him once he is out of office, which will feel good but will not correct the damage he has done to the rule of law and the respect for American government, here and abroad.

As for being an actual Muslim, who knows. Islam mandates the practice of deception among non-believers, non-Muslims. It the doctrine of taqiya. So, if Barack Obama is a true Muslim, the clearest evidence would be that he would deny it and claim to be a Christian, which is what he says. That’s what happens when Islam makes deception a virtue; no one can believe anything anyone says. The polls show that the American public does not believe what Barack Obama says, so should we infer from that perception that he is a good, deceptive Muslim, or just an ordinary lying, self-aggrandizing public official?

Parenting, Fails

Filed under: Just Yaks — Maniyak @ 9:35 am on March 13, 2014

You heard about Rachel Canning, the New Jersey 18-year-old (read, legal “adult”) who is suing her parents to continue to pay child support to her so that she can maintain her adolescent lifestyle in college, at her parents’ expense? She’s moved back home to live in closer codependency with the dad and mom she has publicly maligned in her lawsuit, which she is still prosecuting. Rachel has demonstrated, however, that she is qualified for one gig, posing as the poster child for birth control. The news stories call her an “Honor Student,” but that manifestly does not include “Honor your father and mother” (Bible, Exodus 20.12). Parenting fail.

Rachel’s story reminded me of a recent report I heard on National Public Radio (if I recall correctly) of another young woman, whose parents agreed to pay for her college tuition, room and board if she would major in some field that would qualify her for a good-paying job after graduation, like computer programming. The story was that she decided that she did not want to study computer programming and so told her parents that she would borrow the money for college so that she could study something else. Maybe it wasn’t as vacuous and nonremunerative as art history, but something like that. The slant of the story was to praise her for doing what she believed to be right for her, despite her parents’ direction, and to report approvingly that her parents, seeing her courage and commitment, agreed to pay for her college anyway, with the major of her choice. My take was different. Her parents were not persuaded that she had developed insight and a positive sense of personal direction for her life. No, they realized with painful regret that they had failed to instill in her an understanding of the necessity to prepare for real life with real earning skills for a successful career, and they caved. They agreed to pay for her college education despite the fact that they knew that they would be paying for her for the rest of their lives,  but if they refused to pay for college for her they would fracture their relationship with her (and their potential grandchildren) forever. Parenting fail.

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