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Hillary Surprised and Unsettled by Her Own Unintended Success

Filed under: Just Yaks — Maniyak @ 7:12 pm on March 3, 2008

Some observations on Hillary Clinton before the closing of the polls in Texas and Ohio today, while she is still a viable candidate. . . . 

Besides her well-earned high negatives for personality and policies, Hillary Clinton’s nomination for President has been sabotaged by two unintended consequences of her own political strategy and rhetoric (and that of her equally hypocritical husband Bill, the President who lost Congress to the Republicans).

First, Hillary has been depending on the surge of voters who are energized by the prospect of a woman President, but in this part of her strategy she has been too successful.  She has been running for President for 6 years and has been the putative frontrunner for at least 2 years, and the emotional surge that people (not just women, incidentally) felt when supporting a female for President has dissipated.  To Hillary’s ideological astonishment, the gender bias that she and her ilk believe runs deep into the American pysche and can never be removed does not exist.  She can no longer run against the stereotypical male prejudice against her becuase it was a myth of her own ideological bias.  Americans are comfortable with the idea of a female President.  She no longer gets any special points for her sex.  She has demonstrated gender equality is now accepted in Presidential politics.  Her problem is not that people do not want a woman for President but that they do not like this woman.  Yes, Hillary is shrill and whiney, bossy and manipulative, dishonest and dismissive, but these are not qualities attributed to her gender.  This is just the real Hillary, “warts and all” (as Oliver Cromwell said).

Second, Hillary and Bill are astonished that people in the Democratic Party believed the bilgewater that they were pumping out about racial equality.  They promoted Barack Obama and said that they favored racial equality in the country and in politics, but they really believe in a permanent underclass of dependent citizens (and noncitizens), voters, mostly racial minorities, who would support them for political office.  They never in their wildest nightmares thought that Black people would believe their words and act like free and independent voters, that an African-American would run against a Clinton for President as if he were not only her equal but her moral and intellectual superior (which he is). 

Horror of horrors, when Barack Obama becomes President, or even if he loses to McCain after a strong and impressive campaign, the myth that African-Americans and minorities are held back by cultural bias and racial prejudice will have taken a mortal blow.  The rise of ethnic minorities and the escalating rise of African-Americans into the middle class, on their own merits, without dependence on the government, will accelerate — and they will become increasingly conservative and (gulp) Republican.  Big government conservatives, regrettably, but conservative.  When the hispanic illegals also finally are accepted into the mainstream, in the next generation the Democratic Party as we now know it will exist no longer.  This election is Clinton’s last stand because it represents the end of the hypocritically faux liberal Democratic policies of talking equality but relying on racial repression and anger for political power. 

The beginning of the end was Bill Clinton’s put-down in South Carolina, commenting that Jesse Jackson had won the Democratic primaries there in the past to deflect the fact that Hillary lost this year to Barack Obama.  But we all know, and the Clintons were shocked to discover, that Obama is not running as a Black candidate but as an American candidate, putting the lie to the subtly racist apartheid of the Clintons and their strategists who thought they could preach liberty and equality but depend on dependency and repression to keep them in power.  Good riddance.

I do not agree with much of Obama’s politics, but I am delighted that he is running for President and doing so in such an accomplished manner.  He’s running that racial inequality myth right into the ground.

If Hillary Clinton leverages the Democratic superdelegates to her side to wrest the nomination away from Obama despite his winning the most delegates in the primaries, she will split the party.  Good for McCain, probably good for the country.  Bad only for the Clintons and their not-to-be dynasty.

On the other hand, a Ms. Clinton presidency might well result in another Republican majority in Congress, a potentially desirable result if the Republicans can ever rediscover their core values.  But it might be at the cost of appointments to the Supreme Court of the-Constitution-means-what-I-think-it-ought-to-mean ilk, bad for the nation for generation.

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