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Monday Frivol: Snakes on a … What?

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A Utah woman ordered an oxygen generator, which she intended to use to make beautiful pieces of blown glass.

When the generator arrived, she began unpacking the myriad coils, wires and hoses that came with the generator setup.  Part way through the unpacking process, however, she noticed two of the hoses refused to stay still.  On closer inspection, she discovered …


Two rat snakes had apparently hitched a ride in the generator box.  Awakened from their nap by the woman rummaging through the box, the unsuspecting serpents found themselves miles away from their Indiana home, at the mercy of a startled glass-blower.  The woman contacted local wildlife officers, who plan to send them back to Indiana – no doubt because the snakes have angry wives back home just waiting to tell them “you won’t get out of this that easily.” 

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Tuesday Frivol: One More Time…

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Snakes! Snakes on a Plane!

(It’s really getting to where I need a category for this, but even I don’t want to weed through all the old entries to relabel them all.)

Upon returning from weekend trip to South Carolina, the Yorktown High School rowing coach reached into his suitcase and discovered a small (and irritated) canebrake rattlesnake.  The snake, probably somewhat disturbed by the large male hand reaching into its happy place, bit the coach, who immediately called emergency personnel to remove the scaled squatter.  

In a move sure to ruin any reptile’s day, emergency personnel took the suitcase outside and “blasted it with a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher” (also works on snakes, small rodents and unwanted relatives!).  The rowing coach remains in the hospital in stable condition.  The snake had a somewhat worse outcome.

Nobody knows why the snake took refuge in the coach’s luggage.  Experts suspect a dangerous prank, though they haven’t ruled out the possibility that the snake entered the bag on its own, “seeking warmth or shelter.” For my part, I think the snake just wanted its fifteen minutes of … plane. 

Thursday Frivol: Snakes on a … Dog?

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An Australian family recently discovered the family dog (well, technically only half the family dog) stuck in an unpleasant situation – halfway down the maw of a sixteen-foot python(Lest you feel too bad, the pet in question, a Chihuahua-silken terrier mix, was only arguably a dog.)  An unfortunate incident, and not usually the kind that makes the Daily Frivol…

… unless there’s more to the story.

As it turns out, the snake ”stalked” the chihuahua for several days before comsumme-ing consummating its meal plans.  The bereaved family even noticed the giant python curled in the dog’s bed, waiting for its canine canape.  Instead of calling in animal control experts or otherwise arranging for the snake’s removal, the family repeatedly let the snake escape – until the day the gliding glutton finally pounced on the pooch.

Animal experts said attempting to remove the chihuahua (which the python had squeezed to death prior to ingestion) would have harmed the snake, so they permitted the python to finish its meal – in the relative peace of a local zoo.

Lest you think the family demonstrated the only questionable judgment contained in this particular story: animal experts intend to return the python to the wild as soon as it finishes digesting the (cough) dog.

Guess that’s one way to deal with the dog overpopulation problem.

Monday Frivol: Play it Again, Sam…

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Officials at Hanoi airport seized more than 60 boxes of illegal cargo that arrived on a flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

The seizure represents the second time in less than a month that Vietnam Airlines has played unwitting host to smugglers seeking to transport …

Snakes on a Plane.

The reptiles in question, over 2,000 pounds of protected rattlesnakes, arrived in Hanoi on Thursday on board an international flight.  Officials don’t know why someone wanted to bring 3,500 pounds of snakes (2,000 lbs now, and an additional 1,500+ about three weeks ago) into Vietnam, but they believe Hanoi may be “a transit point” rather than the snakes’ final destination.

Makes sense.  Any reasonable reptile would prefer to vacation in Tahiti.

Thursday Pre-Christmas Frivol: When Memes Collide

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The Olsons live in Florida.  Like so many of us at this time of year, the couple went to a local lot and brought home a live (read: cut) Christmas tree.  After shaking out the dead needles and giving the pine a once-over with a leaf blower to clean out any residual dust, the happy family stood the tree in the living room.

Three days later, Mrs. Olson started decorating the tree.  She put on the lights and set the star on top.

About which time, the tree’s current resident decided to investigate the proceedings.

And you know what was living in the Olson’s tree, don’t you?  (Statistically, 87% of you know what’s coming.)  (more…)

Wednesday Frivol: Someday, this Meme Will Die

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… but today is not that day.  (And it looks like tomorrow won’t be, either.)

Snakes on a MAN!  In a tub…without water.

A Texan has broken a world record by spending 45 minutes in a see-through bathtub in the company of 87 rattlesnakes.

Some might ask whether the record involved time spent with snakes, bathing with snakes, or the fact that the man “bathed” fully clothed in a see-through tub.  In fact, the record involved the number of snakes (87).  The previous record involved a 45-minute non-bath with only 75 snakes.  Curiously, the previous record also belonged to the man who set the new one, though on second thought I’m not sure this should come as a surprise.  Probably aren’t too many people out there who spend their spare time sitting in snake-filled bathtubs.  (At least, not voluntarily.)

Thursday Frivol…Snakes in a Drain!

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From the Department of Memes That Would Not Die:

Early Monday morning, a Brooklyn woman went to the bathroom and discovered a seven-foot python emerging from her toilet

After slamming the lid on the reptile, the woman fled the scene, screaming for help.  Plumbers ultimately had to tear apart the building’s pipes to remove the snake, which apparently entered the plumbing and made its way up to the woman’s third-floor apartment, where it decided to poke its head out of the toilet bowl.

The terrified apartment owner has begun using her daughter’s training toilet in lieu of the loo.    No word on the status of the daughter’s potty training, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion mother and daughter will think twice the next time someone suggests “snaking the drain.” 

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