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Tuesday Trivia: Weeds

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Today’s Tuesday Trivia topic: Weeds.

Basically, I’ve spent so much time in them lately that I figured I might as well get some mileage out of the idea.

You may think you know weeds. But did you know:

1. Weeds are the plants evenincompetent gardeners can grow. (Question: if I decide I prefer clover to standard lawn, is the clover still a weed? I vote no.)

2. This is a yellow star thistle. Native to the Mediterranean, this thistle (also known as St. Barbaby’s Thistle) accidentally came to the United States in a shipment of alfalfa in the 1800s. It now infests most of the Western United States (including about half of my sideyard, though I happen to have both the yellow and purple varieties).

(public domain image credit: Wikipedia Commons)

3. The yellow star thistle can reach approximately two meters in height, according to Wikipedia. (It can reach all of seven feet in height, according to my sideyard.)

4. “Weed” is a description, not a classification, and a weed ceases to be a weed when it grows where it is wanted. (I can’t wait to go home and tell The Random Spouse I figured outhow to get rid of the weeds in the front lawn once and for all.)

5. Dandelions help break up dense soil, creating an environment where other plants and crops can grow more easily. (See? I’m not lazy. I’m helping the lawn grow.)

6. Kudzu vine came the the United Statesduring the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. The Japanese used the vine to decorate their pavilion, and kindly gave clippings to visitors taken with the beautiful vine. (130 years later, the Japanese may have failed to take over the United States, but the Kudzu vine is doing a brilliant job.)

7. Montana has a “weed awareness program” and runs activities like the “Weed Whacker Rodeo” to help promote destruction of noxious weeds.(They also have a special day for collecting leafy spurge beetles, but I’m thinking I’ll skip that one this year.)

I’m heading back into the weeds now – having permanently eliminated all the weeds from my lawn and thereby freeing up at least an extra hour in my day.

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Forgotten but not Lost: Tuesday Trivia Contest

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The bad news: In the mad rush of not-quite-broken fingers and rapidly burning fires moving through the office since the beginning of the year, our not-so-regular Tuesday Trivia feature found itself all but forgotten.

The good news: I’ve finally managed to shovel far enough down the pile to actually remember Tuesday Trivia on a day that isn’t Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday (don’t blog on Sundays, barring a yak in a ditch).

And so, with the great pride that comes of finally remembering something you’d forgotten for far too long, we bring you the newest edition of the Yaks’ Tuesday Trivia. A short recap of the rules: answer in the comments, first complete set of correct answertakes 2 points and the title of ???weekly trivia master of the mountain,?? first 3 partially correctanswers take one point each toward the yearly totals.

Today’s Offering (inspired mainly by a lecture I gave last night): Trademark Trivia

How many of the following “words, slogans and phrases” can you match to the companies that used them?

1.Good to the last drop

2.When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

3. The pause that refreshes

4. It’s the cheesiest

5. A little dab’ll do ya

6. It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken

7. The friendly skies

8. Have a dollop

9. Where’s the Beef?

10. You deserve a break today

Granted, you have to admit to watching more television (or listening to more radio) than is probably good for you – but it’s the Internet…nobody can see you grinning through the shame. Give it your best shot in the comments and we’ll call a winner as soon as we get one.

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Tuesday Trivia Contest: Sets of Seven

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We had no winner last week, which means the title of Trivia Master of the Mountain remains in the hands of our previous winner, I.T. Yak. Rules are simple: answer in the comments, first complete set of correct answertakes 2 points and the title of “weekly trivia master of the mountain,” first 3 partially correctanswers take one point each toward the yearly totals.

This week’s contest: Sets of Seven.

1. Name all of the seven dwarves.

2.In the Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” what were the gifts given on the seventh day?

3. What are the seven deadly sins?

4. Name seven major motion pictures withthe word “Seven” in their titles. (By my count, there are at least nine, so while this isn’t a piece of cake, it’s not impossible either.)

5. According to the book of Proverbs, what are the “six things the LORD hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him”?

Give your answers in the comments. Answers to last week’s Film and TV Animal Trivia below the fold: (more…)

Tuesday Trivia Game: Film and TV Animals

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