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Achieving Self-Fulfillment, One Final Question …

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Now that I’ve achieved self-fulfillment, what’s next?

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The Dawkins Delusion

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The world’s official First Atheist now living, Oxford professor Richard Dawkins, was on C-SPAN a few days ago touting the irrefutable arguments against God and creation in his most recent book, The God Delusion,already on sale on deep discount at I haven’t read this book yet, but I have read The Blind Watchmaker and other Dawkins articles, and I heard his frontline argument on C-SPAN repeated repeatedly so as to make sure that we morons who watch C-SPAN understood. Dawkins concedes that evolution (the theory that all organic complexity arose from “simple” life forms) is improbable and very difficult to explain or to accept intellectually, but he contends (unctuously) that evolution must be accepted nevertheless because the premise of the creationists is that a highly complex form of life, God, preceded all life forms on earth, and to believe that this highly complex life form was the first life form, is plainly irrational.

Dawkins does not seem to notice that his argument assumes the truth of evolution in order to refute the God of creation, even though his core contention is not that he can prove evolution but that evolution is less unlikely than creation by God. God as a complex life form cannot be first in the universe because simple life forms are first in the universe, as evolution contends and as Dawkins naively assumes.

I might give Dawkins some slack for making a rhetorical argument rather thanan actual intelligentassertion about reality but for the mannerhe employed in an earlier writing todemonstrate a “proof” for the probability that the randomness of evolution could compile the information needed for a DNA chain. What he did was to program a computer to generate random characters and to try them in his model DNA template until the template was completed accurately. Voila! Random generation, like evolution, relatively quickly appeared in proper working order. Dawkins nowhere acknowledges that this illustrative experiment presupposes intelligent design, the very concept he is attempting to refute, because he programmed into the computer the “correct” sequences for the DNA model to retain, information that no evolutionary life form could possibly know or possess. True evolutionary randomness requires that all of the necessary DNA genetic components randomly appear simultaneously in a “simple” life form, to the exclusion of all interfering components, and then have the capacity to replicate itself, a probability that is literally impossible to have happened even once ina 20-billion year old universe, much less repeatedly as evolutionary theory requires.

Dawkins has deluded himself, and he is purveying to the world the world his delusions about God in what should be titled The Dawkins Delusion.

NY Times Protests Publication of Declassified Documents! This is Not a Hoax.

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The source of the tsunami wave of rolling, side-splitting laughter that flooded the west coast with gasps of astonishment and glee early this morning originated out of New York. The somber, self-righteous Gray Lady, the New York Times, has told a joke on herself/itself! Splashed all over the front page of the Times is a story of sputtering outrage and hilarious hypocrisy — The Times has published a straight-faced news story decryingthe Internet publication of classified material that the Times story says may compromise national security!!

This is the Times: Fearless self-appointed protector of the public’s inalienable “right to know” everything, no matter the costs to the nation (that is, to others, not to the Times itself). Revealers of multiple anti-terrorist programs, such as tracking of terrorist bank accounts, undisclosed prisons, the NSA program to detect terrorist planning by bugging telephone calls from outside the United States to terrorist-connected people in our country … all continuing from the tradition beginning with the Times publication of the Pentagon Papers back in 1971.

The Times is now celebrating Twenty-Five (25) Years of pompous conscience-of-the-nation claims of total transparency in government by blaming the Bush administration for not censoring documents it released to the public on the Internet, seized from the Saddam Hussein government in Iraq, concerning weapons of mass destruction and other suddenly too-dangerous-to-leak information.

Why is the Times in such a blue-nose editorial fury? Two options.

(1) The released information might assist terrorists to make atomic weapons and endanger the United States or others; or

(2) The released information shows that Saddam Hussein’s government had accurate and detailed specifications and manuals that would have enabled it to make atomic weapons, as the world all thought before the Iraq invasion. That is, pre-invasion Iraq was in fact preparing to make atomic weapons of mass destruction, contrary to the Times editorial position on the Iraq war.

Hint. Try option 2. The “protection against terrorism” theme is a laugh line for the Times, but the Times is dead censorship-endorsing serious about anything that pricks its pride.

The Kerry (the Grate and Garrulous) Intelligence Test

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Sissification Rules, the World Giggles at US

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Even China has reported on the girlification of public education in America, as newly re-demonstrated by the ban on playing tag, touch football and all other running-and-chasingrecess games at the Willett Elementary School in Attleboro Massachusetts. Sissies, that’s what they want from the public schools. Boys who will grow into men who are,at last — the great achievement of Americaneducation — weaker in mind and body and less assertive than the constantly re-empowered girls they are training to be women who willtake over (what remains of ) the world.

Children may fall and get hurt! Yeah, so what? Life hurts, sometimes, or you aren’t living right. Better learn that now, and learn that getting hurt is to be expected, it makes you stronger, and unless you are actually injured it does not even have to stop you for long, not even stop you from playing a game, like tag — much less stop you from doing whatever difficult and painful duties you will have to face and face down if as an adult you are living right.

Was anything good ever accomplished without effort, risk and pain? From childbirth on — you’d think women would all get this message — every great good is achieved only through substantial effort and pain. Even playing games well means getting hurt,playing hurt, playing evenwith minor injuries, and liking it.

This unisexification of the next generation is not only wrong but downright weird. Since the establishment of the the Playboy magazine and sex-as-entertainment philosophy beginning in the early 1950′s to today, men have been persuading women to become like men, sexually opportunistic, pleasure without thought of consequences, and increasingly violent and insensitive to others, and the indoctrinationof women has worked, to the great surprise and satisfaction of predatory men. But now men are succumbing to metrosexualization, the girlification of boys into the weak, unassertive, easily bullied and dominated sissies that women say they do not like but insist on trying to change men into. Puhleeze!

When the world abandons natural law standards, the results are unpredictable, except that the results will be dramatically and ever-increasingly wrong, wrong, wrong. For all sexes.

Romans 1 says this is what would happen when men and women abandon their natural bio-social-spiritual roles and relationships and try to reinvent their worlds to conform to their distorted acquired tastes,”thinking themselves to be wise they became fools,” “deceiving others and deceiving themselves.”

Boys will not be boys, not while these risk-avoidance cowardice-inspiring “educators” wield their pointy fingers against all bursts of energy and exuberance in soon-to-be-obese-from-lack-of-exercise children with their sissification indoctrination.

To think, Massachusetts was the home of the Minutemen, the first defenders of liberty in the American Revolution, Lexington and Concord, the “shot heard ’round the world,” John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Quincy Adams, and the woman who educated and inspired them all,Abigail Adams.

TheseMassachusetts lessons in timiditygive a new meaning to the once-proud standard, “Don’t Tread On Me!

NBC’s Censorship Quandry: Chop “Veggie Tales” But Allow Madonna’s Mock Crucifixion?

Filed under: Barking and Flapping,Faith Yak,Just Yaks,News Yaks,PoliYaks — Maniyak @ 8:13 am on October 2, 2006

NBC is making its choice and checking it twice, trying to decide whether havingdeleted faith-based references in “Veggie Tales” should their anti-religious, anti-Christian actions be offset by a religion-affirming program, that is, allowing Madonna to broadcast her mock crucifixion show intact?

NBC censorship link.

"Quiet Down so I Can Work" Moonbat News and OTP

Filed under: Barking and Flapping,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 11:30 am on August 31, 2006

I knew I heard something strange this morning.

Don’t get me wrong. As a native Californian, I’ve learned tolive with a certain amount of barking and flapping – the reassuring white noise that lets you know you are, in fact, still living in the land of granola (lots of fruity bits, and plenty of extra nuts) – butlately I’ve noticedthe barking and flappingoften risesto a startling level.

In an effort to round up some of the barkers and flappers (thereby lowering the overall noise level and permitting me to get some billable work done today) I’m offering the following Quiet Down So I Can Work” Edition of the Moonbat News Roundup.

Will Bark for Allah: The choice of conversion, dhimmitude or death apparently even applies to Disney charactersand classic literature. By show of hands: how many of you knew D’Artagnan could not visit Aramis during his recovery because he “converted to Islam during his illness” or that Tom Sawyerlonged for a special treatgiven to children who learnedthe Arabic words intheirIslamic prayers?(Tip of the horns: Dr. Sanity).

Yaps From Across the Pond: A Norwegian “trans-person”needs not one but two passports – because it’sapparently hard to travel as a woman when your passport photohas an Adam’s Apple anda five o’clock shadow.I guess gender is likea box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get… (Horn Tip: Moonbattery)

Hollywood Moonbattery: (Yes, I know that’s redundant) A new fakeumentary titled Death of a President looks at “what the war on terror has done to the American body politic” by exploring…the assassination of President Bush. Of course the story says the crime was wrongly blamed on a man of middle-eastern descent (just as the plotline was wrongly blamed on “creativity”). Would have been a musical, but they just couldn’t find anything that rhymes with “Cheney.” (Horn tip: Wizbang and Michelle Malkin.)

More Fauxtography Flap: The newest victim: Katie Couric, whose photograph was digitally altered to make her appear 20 pounds lighter. Which isn’t exactly what I thought they meant by “CBS Evening News, now with 20% less fluff”. (Horn tip: The Real Ugly American).

Medical Moonbattery: California legislatorsattempt to completely socialize medicine by eliminating private health care in favor of a state-run system for all Californians (whether or not properly socialized). As if I needed something else to put on my list of “Reasons I Should Move to Alaska.” (Horn Tip: Captain’s Quarters.)

Bunch of Barks Too Good to Miss: Don Surber has a roundup of his own. Any one of his items could have headlined here, but I’m going with “Dolphin Terrorizes French Coast.” If this keeps up, tomorrow’s headline will read “FranceSurrenders to Foreign Invaders,Renamed EEeeEEEEE EEE ee.” (Horn Tip: Don Surber.)

I’ve been busy and forgot to put one up earlier, so this is also your rest-of-week OTP. I’ll be adding links from trackbacked posts now through Saturday night, so linkto this post andtrackbackand I’ll link you in. Extra credit for posts dealing with moonbattery. Linked to the Fair Tax OTP at Third World County, toLinkfest Haven (your one-stop shop for linkfests of all kinds) and pinged to the floating festival atThe Conservative Cat.

Linking in:

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