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When Greed Meets … Well, Greed.

Filed under: Just Yaks,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 2:36 pm on April 16, 2008

While watching television last night, Yak the Younger saw something worth reporting.

One of those annoying “get cash for your structured settlement” ads began playing on the television, but instead of playing the full ad the company had apparently purchased one of the increasingly popular “blink ad” spots – the ones where you see only the first five seconds of a longer ad.  (Research shows most of us then spend the next 30 seconds pondering the “mistake” and thinking about the ad we didn’t see – thereby missing the next ad entirely and falling completely within the advertiser’s trap by doing precisely what they intended us to do – think about their product.) 

No big deal in itself, but the ad that followed the blink created the following (highly entertaining) result:

“You know that structured settlement check you receive as a result of your injury or legal claim?”

/cut to music:

“It’s all here at [Name Omitted] Casino Resort!”


You can’t write this stuff.  I’m just glad it occasionally writes itself.

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Some Days, The Weeds They Win.

Filed under: Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 12:39 pm on February 20, 2008

The weekend (which ran into Monday and then managed to leak over into part of Tuesday as well) was a good one on our side of the mountain.  I cleared out two gardens.  I did some research.  I wrote several pages’ worth of a new project I’m starting.  Spent time with the family, ate too much steak  (ok, scratch the “too much” - there’s no such thing with steak)and actually managed to get enough sleep into the mix.

In short, I spent three glorious days “living up to my potential”  (somewhere, my kindergarten teacher is rolling over in her grave, but that’s another blog).  That is, until I remembered the one thing I’d forgotten.  Three guesses what that was? (and the first two don’t count)

Yeah.  Blog.

Best get back on that.

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Seeing Stars

Filed under: Just Yaks,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 12:29 pm on January 30, 2008

Somewhere in the world, someone might have taken a blow to the head over the weekend.

Somewhere in the United States, someone could have suffered a concussion.

Somewhere in California, someone might not have realized the blow caused serious damage until about a day later, when the headaches and dizziness led someone to realize that big, painful, swollen bump could be more than just a “random sore spot.”

Somewhere on my side of the mountain, a yak might have seen stars that didn’t live in Hollywood, or even in the heavens.

On the positive side, I now know what it means to knock someone “into the middle of next week.”  (Because that’s how long it took me to get back on my feet and start posting again.  Looking at the screen still makes me dizzy, though, so I’ll do my best but don’t expect miracles before Friday at the earliest.)

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Show and Tell Day

Filed under: Just Yaks,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 5:14 pm on January 7, 2008

January 8 is official “Show and Tell Day – At Work”

I’ll play along.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the digital camera to work today (I intended to) so I can’t actually show you what happened to the car in question, but I can certainly tell.

Sacramento (and much of Northern California) recently had a storm.  A big storm.  The kind of storm they call “The Storm of the Century.”  We had rain, 40-degree temperatures and winds gusting at 80 mph.  (Note: for those of you living in Florida or Northeastern Canada, quit laughing.  By California standards, this was a big one.)

Many people (including the Random Maniyak and his family) found themselves without power over the weekend, and though my lights stayed on, I did spend about an hour Friday afternoon filling the wood boxes and scooping half the neighborhood foliage out of my swimming pool.

But that wasn’t the biggest thing I saw the storm do.

The Maniyak and I worked at our law offices Friday morning, despite the storm.  About mid-day, we noticed the winds had picked up significantly, and the two fifty-foot pine trees outside the windows seemed determined to make their way in out of the storm.  (Always knew pines were smart.)

At some point, the Maniyak went downstairs to check out the storm (and, probably, to make sure no tree branches had come down on his car).  He returned with somewhat disturbing news: the winds had blown a 45′ pine tree down in the parking lot, and it had fallen on top of someone’s car.

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Now, I don’t mean the rain softened the roots and soil, allowing the tree to topple.  I mean blew down. As in, snapped a 3′ diameter trunk like a matchstick, and look out below.  By California standards, that’s impressive.  (As an aside: I do feel very sorry for the owner of the demolished car. ‘Crushed by random tree’ scores pretty high on the Yak’s Big List of Events You’d Rather Happened To Someone Else.  And no…it wasn’t a Ficus.).

At that point, The Maniyak and I held a quick office meeting and decided to get outta Dodge while the getting was good.  When the wind is whipping around hard enough to blow over 4-story trees, it’s time to take your chances at home.

The storm seemed to to clear up over the weekend, but this morning dawned rainy, cold and blustery (though fortunately, not quite on Friday’s scale) so it appears we’re not through the woods yet. 

I just hope the woods are through with us.

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Monday Readin’ List

Filed under: Christmas Alliance,Just Yaks,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 12:01 pm on December 10, 2007

Here’s your Monday morning reading list from The Yak (featuring members of The Christmas Alliance):

Adam of Adam’s Blog has started a “Post of the Day” series.  Each one has a quote, a proverb, a scripture – and at least one solid laugh.  Definitely worth reading.

Kat’s daughters placed second in the Lego League Championships (Virginia/DC Division).  Congratulations - way to go!

From third world county: an offering of Magnificat/Ave Maria.  Sing along!

Tidbits and Treasures has a new holiday theme, and an interesting entry on The Golden Compass. (That link takes you to another entry that links to the one on TGC.)

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A Hoot, A Holler, An Invitation, And an OTP

Filed under: Christmas Alliance,Just Yaks,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 3:46 pm on December 6, 2007

(Yeah, I’m going for the “All-In-One Utility Post”)

First off: I’m giving a shout out and a shot across the bow to the existing members of the Christmas Alliance:

  • Adam’s Blog
  • In case you hadn’t noticed, bot h Advent and The Christmas Season are officially upon us (even by the measure of those who don’t claim the entire third quarter for Christmas as we do on our side of the mountain!).  I’m sending out a call for posts!  Get Christmas Blogging!

    Let’s celebrate Advent, Christmas and the birth of Christ (including the religious, the serious, the humorous, and anything else that positively reflects Christmas and the enjoyment thereof) in our lives and on our blogs!  Post, link and trackback to the Christmas Alliance HQ Homepage so we can put together a permanent record of Blogging Christmas 2007.

    For those not already on the ‘roll, shoot me an e-mail at Randomyak (at) if you want in the game, and I’ll gladly add you, provided you’re actually enjoying Christmas in a positive way (secular or religious, either is ok, though most of us tend to do both).

    If you’re not on the ‘roll and just want your (positive) Christmas post on the page, that works too.  Link and track back to the HQ Homepage, and I’ll link you in as soon as I can.  Rules are simple – you have to enjoy and appreciate Christmas (rants about secularization and/or The Refusal To Acknowledge Christmas While Simultaneously Telling Us All The Great Holiday Gifts We Should Buy From You also welcome) and you can’t use the Homepage as your personal pinata of anti-Christmas fisk.  (Note: that’s why you have your own blog.)

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    The “Have a Bad Day” Pre-Thanksgiving OTP

    Filed under: Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 12:20 pm on November 19, 2007

    November 19 is official “Have a Bad Day” Day.

    I suppose, with Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a good idea to get the bad day out of the way now. 

    After all, Aunt Myrtle hasn’t seen you since last Thanksgiving, and you really can’t properly appreciate her overly floral, two-pack and six-pack a day scented hug if you’re having a bad day when she gets here, now, can you?

    Didn’t think so.

    This is also your pre-and-post Thanksgiving open trackback post.  Link and track back and I’ll hardlink in (yea, right) as I get the opportunity.

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    Wednesday Frivol: a Mooving Experience (and OTP)

    Filed under: Frivol,Just Yaks,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 12:33 pm on November 14, 2007

    Eight cows had a near-death experience this week when the driver of a truck transporting the unfortunate bovines pulled into a McDonalds restaurant in Utah.  When the rear gate of the truck accidentally fell open in the parking lot, the cows headed for the hills (in the opposite direction from the pearly gates).

    Area police, along with at least one local resident (on horseback) spent two hours rounding up the errant hoofers, who seemed determined to keep mooving away from the truck – and the restaurant.

    The cows (who were eventually returned to the truck unharmed) had no comment at the scene, but have apparently issued a statement requesting that future lunch stops occur at Chick-Fil-A.

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    Friday Reading List and OTP

    Filed under: Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 10:26 am on November 2, 2007

    As winter approaches, the weeds in the yard stop growing – though the ones in the office seem to spring up twice as fast as before.  Here’s your weedy Friday reading list from The Yak:

    1.  Bloggin’ Outloud has a cat that actually plays fetch.  Substantiated by documentary evidence.  Check it out.

    2.  Via Dyspeptic Mutterings: the British Horse Guards greeted the King of Saudi Arabia … by playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. BWAHAHAHAH.  Who says the British have no sense of humor?

    3.  A review of the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible, over at The Evangelical Outpost.

    4.  Running from Camera!

    Consider this your long overdue Open Trackback Post, from now until I post another one.  Go ahead and link and track back and I’ll see whether the weeds will actually permit me to hardlink in this time.

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    Friday Reading List and Weekend OTP

    Filed under: Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 5:19 pm on October 4, 2007

    Before we get to the reading list, we have a request for prayer: friend and blogging ally Pet of Pet’s Garden Blog has had to return to the hospital.  She has a blood infection and needs prayer.  Please include Pet in your prayers today.  We hope she has a speedy recovery and returns home soon.

     Now, on to today’s suggested reading list from The Yak:

    1.  The Anchoress took a test that requires you to draw a house.  She says hers is bad, but it’s nothing next to the rotting shack I managed.  I’d show you mine, but the state condemned it before I even finished.  Go see hers, and take the test, over at The Anchoress.

    2.  Butter Snackers.  LOL.

    3. Professor Chaos ruminates on a subject I often considered back in my full-time-teaching days.  All I can say is “You’re not alone.  Keep up the good work and keep holding the line.”

    4.  Bloggin’ Outloud responds to a writing prompt.  Heh.  Good pun.

    5.  Wizbang explains why Obama’s new campaign slogan is  “badges? Flag Pins? We don’t need no steenkin badges flag pins…”

    This is also your weekend OTP.  Link and track back and I’ll hardlink in, assuming the weeds permit.  Promoted as always at:

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    A Wednesday “Back in the Habit” Reading list and OTP

    Filed under: Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 5:25 pm on September 25, 2007

    Been a while since I tossed up a reading list.  Guess I need to get back in the habit.  That said, here’s your Wednesday reading list of Things I Recommend From the Blogroll Today:

    1.  Today’s book review (and recommendation): The Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, courtesy of The Conservative Cat.  I know I’ll be looking them up on the basis of his strong (if feline) recommendation.

    2.  “Choice Morsels” for consideration.  Submitted for your approval at Wizbang. Nice one, Jay Tea.  I support your right to fail … and mine as well.  Speaking as a fellow commander of a legion of bad choices, your argument is spot-on.

    3. Van Helsing at Moonbattery tells the story of the stolen Sugar Bunny that almost made today’s Daily Frivol.  He also has the money quote from the five year-old commentator.  See for yourself.

    4. basil’s blog has noticed the Halloween decorations at Wal-Mart, and has some thoughts on the “Holiday, Holy Day” dichotomy.  Given the amount of time we spend looking at *cough* observances on this side of the mountain, it’s nice to see at least one other blogger shares our thoughts on the topic.

    Want on the list?  Link and track back from a post of interest, and I’ll try to get better about hardlinking in, now that the weeds are lower and my nose shows over them again.

    Promoted, as always, at:

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    Punctuation day linkfest

    Filed under: Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 5:34 pm on September 23, 2007

    September 24 is official punctuation day

    Im not observing it this year

    I slept in too late so although everyone else was punctual I was commatose

    Statistically 45% of you got that and the rest just think I cant spell

    This is your antipunctuation day linkfest

    Link and track back and I will hardlink in if I get out of the weeds

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    A Linkfest for Global Warming

    Filed under: Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 9:14 am on September 13, 2007

    As our friend David (of third world county) pointed out over at Linkfest Haven, Global Warming appears to have set in.  Not only did this morning dawn cloudy and at least ten degrees cooler than yesterday, we had to shut the house up around 4am because things had become too chilly to sleep.

    Doubtless due to heavy cloud cover resulting from melting polar ice caps and the onset of global warming.

    Taking a page from CNN and ABC News, I’m throwing this post open.  Let us know how global warming has impacted YOU!  Well, that or just link and track back whatever strikes your fancy.

    Promoted as always at:

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    Friday Frivol (and OTP): When News Attacks

    Filed under: Frivol,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 9:55 am on September 7, 2007

    Some days you fisk news.  Other days … news fisk you!

    Each morning I review not one but three odd news websites, searching the globe to bring you something odd, bizarre and probably not headlining anyone else’s blog.  After all, that’s what yaks do best.  (A sad, sad commentary on my life, but I digress…)

    Every morning to date (or at least every morning I’ve looked) at least one of the three offered not only good blogging fodder, but also at least one story too odd, too bizarre, and far too random to pass up.  (Often involving snakes and some mode of transportation.)

    But this morning, for the first time in blogging history, every story disqualified itself within a single sentence.  Some proved too lewd, others not funny.  A couple others proved more gross than humorous (and I mean that in the most lunch-spoiling way).

    So, to misquote Shel Silverstein, “all the frivol I can find/I’ve had to make myself.”

    A dangerous proposition, to be sure.

    Those who blog can help me out by linking and tracking back – consider this your open trackback post for the weekend of September 7-9, and into the first of the week.

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    The Great Sunburned Post of 2007 (and OTP)

    Filed under: Just Yaks,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 4:57 pm on August 27, 2007

    Aloha from Maui!

    My side of the mountain looks a little more volcanic this week, as I’m blogging from a combination vacation-and-conference in Hawaii. Lest you feel too sorry for me, full disclosure dictates I mention the conference qualifies more as “fun” than work (as though any conference on Maui could do otherwise) and relates to my second calling rather than to the one that pays the bills. In other words, I’m on vacation.

    I’ll leave the “best moments” list for Thursday, but I’ll take this moment to share one highlightfrom the trip thus far. One major highlight. One major, red, painful,somewhat humiliatinghighlight.

    Yak the Younger and I spent Saturday and Sunday in the water. I taught him to body surf. I taught him to boogie board. I taught him to snorkel.

    I showed him the ocean I love more than any other. I showed him the tide pools.I showed him a hermit crab,a sea anemone, and a boxfish.

    I also showed him a sunburn.

    Not just any sunburn, mind you. A full-blown, half-body, diver sunburn of epic proportions. The kind that means you’re fishbelly white on the approach, and Maine lobster red behind. The kind of burn that makes you sleep on your stomach and threatens the aloe plant with extinction.

    The kind of sunburn I promised The Random Spouse I would not get.

    Fortunately, I recover fairly quickly and should be back to normal in a day or two, LORD and aloe permitting. (Translation: I’d better not look like this Thursday when the conference starts.) In the interim, I’m heading back to the aloe bottle and throwing this post open to open trackbacks, from now until I toss up another OTP later in the week.

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