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Aloha to the Carnival of New Blogs!

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The Showcase Carnival of New Blogs makes a stop in the tropics this week, as I’m pitching the tent here on Maui. Many of you may consider it already Tuesday, August 28, but from where I sit (about as far to the west asyou can reasonably sit)it’s still August 27 – and that means on with the carnival!

The “can’t believe I haven’t seen this one yet” award goes to Haiku Reviewer, whose entry, reviewing “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” warms the hearts of haiku-loving yaks (and others) everywhere.

JD at I Do Things (So You Don’t Have To) offers “I am Working My Way Through 31 Days of Blogging Tips So You Don’t Have To.” A quick peek at the rest of this one suggests this may be the “keep an eye on me” blog of this month’s carnival. Quirky enough to perk my interest, ironic enough to keep it, and just random enough to make me head back to see whatI won’t have to do next.

Alex Landis lost his job. Time to dance! …and in addition to the dance video, Alex offers some dead-on insights on the difference between a job and a career – and why you should seek the latter.

INTJ Personal Development offers “What I Think About Video Games and the Human Race,” an interesting post-Wii look at gaming and the development of gaming tech written in a style both gamers and non-gamers will appreciate.

Our friends at The Pet Haven offer “More Fun Pet Quotes(and listoffers a very entertaining read – even though they forgot the ever-popular, “Dogs have owners, pets have staff”).

The Bookworm says “Hello World” at a new book review site. Bibliophiles take note!

Systems Thinker Blog discusses The Joy and Power of Discovering our True Selvesin a post which highlights the need to seek and useour individual talents to discover the callings in our lives.

That’s all for this time around, but be sure to join us in two weeks’ time when the carnival makes its next stop over at Pet’s Garden Blog. Many thanks, as always, to Pet for all her hard work and effort keeping the carnival on its feet. Our prayers also go to Pet and The Master of the Universe for Pet’s quick and relatively painless recovery from this week’s spinal surgery. We hope to see her blogging again soon!

Blogging less than three months? Want your blog featured at the carnival? Head over to the Blog Carnival websiteand send us a link. We’ll see you at the carnival!

Carnival of New Blogs: Weedy Edition

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Well, it happened. I managed to get myself so far into the weeds that I couldn’t find my way out in time to get the New Blog Carnival up on Monday as originally scheduled. My sincere apologies to the host, Pet of Pet’s Garden Blog, and to all the new bloggers who submitted entries.

As it happens, blogs are a lot like weeds. They spring up by the thousands, grow in every possible niche and take a variety of interesting forms, shapes, colors and personalities. Given time to grow, some stay small, while others take a look at some of the new and interesting weeds I found when I came to my senses and started looking through the entries for this edition of the carnival:

Like weeds, pets quickly move in and take over whatever yard, home or other space they happen to find. Our friends at The Pet Haven have interesting “Pet Ownership Statistics” demonstrating theimportant and widespread roles pets playin the average American household.

Weeds and blogs share an interest in rapid propagation. The Beef Jerky Blog offers three “Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic” intended to helpbloggers spreadseedlings far and wide.

Riding With Rickey’s Rickey Reviews Transformers” takes today’s “golden thistle” award for Best Movie Review Of a Movie I Liked That Agreed With My Personal Review and Opinion. Or something like that. Rickey liked Transformers for the same reasons I did, and I agree that anyone expecting ephemeral commentary on reality from a Michael Bay film involving giant alien robots probably definitely needs his or her head examined. Language Warning for a couple of words that don’t meet the usual link requirements here at TRY, but otherwise a good read.

Weeds sprout and ideas hatch. At least, they do at, a blog dedicated to entrepreneurial conversation. Sprouting this week: an interview with Dan McComb from

Edith Yeung offers important advice on “12 Things You Must Do After You Quit Your Job” – just in case you want depart from the behavior of your weedy counterparts andsurrender yourposition in the proverbial landscape.

Not all weeds do harm. Some improve the soil and advance the growth ofsurrounding plants. The Kill Bigotry blog offers a post on “Starbury and Sarah: American Retail Revolutionaries” detailing two celebrities’ recent efforts to improve the cultural landscape.

We cannot know the mindset of the weed (probably because weeds don’t have minds to set) but we can learn “The Mindset of a Rookie Blogger” from

Stocks come and go like mushrooms – a thousand spring up after a rain, but only the truly sturdy varieties can survive the dry spell that may follow. Learning to tell them apartcan be tricky, but the Self Investors blog is trying to help small investors learn the difference with entries like “Trade of the Day.”

Astroversy‘s entry “Explained: The Big Bang and The Universe” offers an opinion on the origin of weeds…and everything else.

Weeds are tremendous – and shameless – opportunists, cropping up wherever sunshine, water and a few inches of free space permit. The Mortgage Blog admits to similarly opportunistic behavior inasking (and answering): “Can Harry Potter Clear Our Mortgage?”

Those are our offerings for today. Click through and enjoy the weeds – the view is nice and the company doesn’t talk back. If you’ve got a new blog (less than three months old) come join us here in the weeds! Just stop by the Blog Carnival website and submit an entry for inclusion in the next edition of the New Blog Carnival, appearing at Pet’s Garden Blog on Monday August 6. Hope to see you there!

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Monday Weedy Reading List

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It’s Monday, and I’m in the weeds again, but not so far in that I can’t give you a few recommendations for your Monday reading list:

The Conservative Cat has a helpful map and explanation of the current developments in and around Israel.

The newest trend in Modern (cough) art? Dog Art.Full story at Moonbattery – and for the record, I think the dog is a better modern artist than most of the allegedly talented and famous humans I’ve seen. But then, maybe it’s just me.

Bookworm Room takes a look at NYT journalismand the recent story of Afghan children killed in a U.S. airstrike. Don’t get dizzy from the spin.

33 Things you should know or do today, courtesy of The Evangelical Outpost.

…And one more thing…involving the failure point of a can of Coke Zero….courtesy of Chris Carlisle

Carnival of New Blogs

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Welcome to the Carnival of New Blogs, where we feature blogs less than three months old. As always, thanks to Pet of Pet’s Garden Blog for investing the time and energy in keeping the carnival in circulation.

I’m a little in the weeds today, and themes don’t come easily to the weeds, but we’ve got a good crop of offerings, so let’s just get right to them:

Top of today’s list: In Cold Blog, a group effort by a number of writers and journalistswho havedecided to take their experience writing and reporting abouttrue crime to the blog format, with input from law enforcement, surviving victims and “players-to-be-named later.” “Welcome to In Cold Blog” will give you the general idea. An interesting idea, and if they can herd those 31 cats into a successful blogging team, this should be a very interesting blog.

The Pet Haven is talking about “Pet Rats” – which aregaining popularity as family pets (strange as that may seem to some of us!). Head over and take a look.

What Would Make YOU Hop a Plane to Bali?” Travel Betty says independence, relaxation – and coconut-milk pancakes. Right behind you, Betty. Right behind you.

RichMinx offers a few Money and Work Lessons From the Simpsons(though after reading them, I think I’ll stick with more traditional forms of career counseling…)

In “Cupid, Where Art Thou,” Nathaniel of Despair and Coffee ponders love found, love lost, and the fact that “love” in the context of marriage is (and yes, Nathaniel, must be)a commitment kept and honoredand not merely anemotion orfeeling which can be left to sustain itself.

Life is Marketing may have “All Kinds of Positioning Jokes” about the Nintendo Wii, but fortunately he’s refrained from making most of them in this entry, which talks about the (possibly unintended) health benefits of using the Nintendo Wii.

Edith Yeung offers a strategy for focusing on the important in “Buffet of Life – Strategy of Focusing,” an important entry in her series on finding goals and carrying through.

New bloggersseeking a few pointers about getting started will find them at Blogging Without a Blog, where one new blogger offers advice to others setting out in “11 Blogging Lessons for Newbies.” The creator of Blogging Without a Blog is also blogging at Observation Mountain, where she blogs more about personal experience and advice.

More experienced bloggers seeking to make money blogging may want to check out Savvy Affiliate, where “Geometric Growth” and other offerings suggest ways to turn that pesky blogging habit into a profit-generating machine.

That’s all we’ve got this morning, but seems to me we’ve got something for just about everyone. Thanks to all the new bloggers for submitting entries – and keep ‘em coming. Check the New Blog Carnival website for next week’s host and submit your entries through the BlogCarnival Submission Page. If you’ve got a blog less than three months old, we’ll be looking for you at the carnival!

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Welcome to the Showcase!

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The Showcase Carnival (of new blogs) – long a favorite on our side of the mountain – has once again started making the rounds, thanks in no small part to the efforts of our friend Pet. The old Showcase Website is still up and still helpful (many thanks to Mr. Ogre for his tireless work on the former Showcase, and for making the carnival something worth continuing) though the functional aspects have been picked up by the New Blog Carnival Website.

That said, welcome to the carnival! Your admission ticket entitles you to unlimited free rides on each and every one of the following fantastic rides!

The first thing every carnival visitor should do is look around and take in the sights, the smells and the general feel of the carnival. And nothing illustrates the purpose of the New Blog Carnival better than this week’s entry from 640 Pixels: “50 Amazing Pictures You Must See On Flickr.” Beautiful images, not to be missed. Take a look.

Every midway should have a directory, and for blogging that directory can be found at Rob’s Blog -Advice for Bloggers. Appropriately, this week’s directory offering reads “What is a Blog” – and though if you’re reading this you probably already know, it’s worth taking a peek to see where Rob’s advice might lead.

Hide and Seek may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of carnival rides, but The Pet Haven offers us a form of virtual mental scavenger hunt with “Where’d You Get Your Dog?” If you’re a fan of pet ownership (and tell me THAT isn’t a carnival ride in and of itself) this one should be on your read list.

Entrepreneurship – an E-ticket ride if ever I saw one. Your entreprenurial offering of the week can be found at Gyaan Sutra an interesting new Indian blog focusing on business, entrepreneurship, marketing and the computer skills you need to operate in the online business world. Worth a look for anyone interested in business blogging.

Our next offering, brought to you by Today’s Ten, offers a roller-coaster ride in the form of “Ten Things I Learned From Blogging.” Up, down and sideways..head over and enjoy the ride.

Last, but certainly not least, The So-Called Me originally offered up only a short ride, appropriately titled “Hello, World.” Those wanting a slightly longer ride may want to check out “Thursday 13 Books I Have Yet to Read” or some of “Me’s” (my’s?) more recent entries. Either way, head over and help welcome “Me” to the ‘net.

If you’re the proud (or shameless) owner of a new blog that’s less than three months old, head over to the submissions page and drop a submission in the bucket. If you’ve got an established blog, send Pet an e-mail and offer to host the carnival from time to time. May 14 is still open, so step right up and show your support for new bloggers by giving the carnival a temporary home!

The Return of The Showcase Carnival

Filed under: Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 1:37 pm on April 30, 2007

Rumors of the carnival’s death were greatly exaggerated. Thanks to Pet of Pet’s Garden Blog, the Showcase Carnival continues in its new iteration (which looks a lot like the old iteration, except that it’s been taken over by Bengals). Pet has this week’s carnival posted at Pet’s Garden Blog. Head over and enjoy all the carnival fun – and be sure to stop back by next Monday, when we host the Showcase Carnival here on our side of the mountain!

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Friday Morning Roundup, Reading List and OTP

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Here’s your Friday Reading List from the Yak:

1. Wizbang has a Pelosi-palooza themed caption contest running. Take your best shot. (In a related – horror – story, Don Surber explains, in five words or less, what Nancy Pelosi has to do withthe Grateful Dead.)

2. Adam has commentary on the “best of the worst” 2006 commentsat the Democratic Underground. My commentary: See Matthew 13.15(et eeq.)

3. See Jane Mom discusses “America’s Blind Trust in Nancy Pelosi” – in what is probably the read-me post of the day. (Tip of the Horns, c.a. Marks at Alabama Improper.)

4. basil is suffering Trek Withdrawal over at basil’s blog. I share his feelings, and feel his pain (well, almost – I still won’t watch Voyager).

5. The Constitutionmay bea Living Document, but the Founders are rolling in their graves after seeing what Stew Magoo did to it over at The Right Place.

6. In the interest of sharing, I’m going to start featuring one of the new blogs I’m readingin each of these roundups.Today’s choice (not a new blog, but new to me) is the LawDog Files. Liking this one a lot – and not just because it’s a “legal blog” – which technically, it isn’t, really. A couple of good samples: CSI (watch it myself from time to time, and yeah, he nailed it) and Meditations on Aftermath (which – as the LawDog himself says – should be read and heeded by anyone who regularlycarries a knife, gun or other weapon).

This is also your open trackback post, from now until I post another one, or you find something better. Shamelessly self-promoted at:

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Celebrating the Carnival of Christmas

Filed under: Christmas Alliance,Just Yaks,Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 8:17 am on December 22, 2006

The Second Carnival of Christmas is up at Adam’s Blog.

Adam put a lot of time and effort into organizing this one, as did all of the contributing bloggers. The carnivalhas something for everyone, withofferings on such varied topics as The Spirit of Christmas, Charity,Poetry, “A Sci-Fi Christmas,” and of course the inevitable humorous reflections. (Yes, I contributed- asdid the Random Maniyak – but my piece isn’t in the “Humor” Section. Want to know where it is? Go find out for yourself.)

Please take the time to wander over and spend a few minutes (or a few hours) roaming the carnival. Blogger, non-blogger or first-time reader, you won’t be disappointed.

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A Late-And-Early Showcase Christmas

Filed under: Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 9:23 am on December 19, 2006

Whoops. With all the excitement, I sort of forgot that we were supposed to host the December 18 Showcase Carnival (of new blogs). My apologies to Mr. Ogre and all the submitting blogs – but….better late than never, and the Carnival is now up and running here on our side of the mountain.

Next week, the Carnival makes its Christmas stop over at Pet’s Garden Blog, but since it’s just a little less than a week before Christmas, I thought we’d take a peek under the tree and shake a few gifts, just to see what “happens” to fall out.

The first gift under the tree looks like a big one. The tagreads”from The New BusinessWorld.” Red paper, imprinted with yellow stars … looks Chinese to me. (nudge, nudge) Oops. Ripped the edge there. Yep, it’s “China Goes Nuclear: U.S. to Engineer.” Best put that one back. Opening it early might result in … fallout.

Wonder what’s in this next one. The paper has orchids and what look like … macadamia nuts? Must be from one of our favorite new bloggers:An Island Life. (Ifound this one before the carnival. Neener, neener.) Looks like she’s givingyou a choice:”A Great Paying Job vs. Being Happy.” I know which one I’m unwrapping.

This one from German Impressions needs to be opened early. From the sound it makes when shaken, it contains a How to Survive A Christmas Party kit. Be sure to read the instructions. Lampshade not included.

Think I just heard someone coming, so we’re going to have to finish up before we’re caught. Fortunately, there aren’t too many gifts left under the tree.

Peeking into the next one gives us an introduction to The Fifth Column Magazine. I see something about Ancient Egyptian Art and something else about the role of media in society. This looks like one we might need to spend some extra time playing with.

Love Athletes? I Love Athletes sure does, and if the tag is any indication this one’s going to have to do with sports. Yep. Somehow managed to wrap up what she considers the 20 Hottest NFL Athletes (your opinions may vary….). I’m just wondering how she convinced them to stay in the box.

Just in case you don’t like any ofyour presents, and hope to find a quick way to offload that extra loot, Wisebread has stuffed a stocking with “Effective eBay Listing,” – chock-full of ways to make the most of your eBay (or online auction) selling experience.

That’s all we have under the tree for now, but I have no doubt you’ll find all kinds of nice things to open next week at Pet’s place. Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy Blogging Year!

The Carnival of the Mundane -

Filed under: Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 11:53 pm on December 7, 2006

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You Want to be Included.

Filed under: Just Yaks,Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 5:10 pm on December 4, 2006

The Carnival of the Mundane XXV (Roman Numerals…AHH AHH)pitches its tents here this Friday, December 8.

What, you ask,is the Carnival of the Mundane?

The carnival website describes it as an “unruly chia pet” of a carnival, rolling along under its own steam, gathering adherents (and a certain amount of pocket lint) along the way.

I’d describe it as your best shot to get that odd, loose-endish daily life post into a real, live blog carnival.

Submission guidelines are here, but in a nutshell it goes like this:

Step 1: Learn what ‘Mundane’ means, write and submit to the next carnival host (which in this case would be me. Randomyak (at)

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit!

OK, there’s not really any profit in it, unless you count theamusement of billions millions thousandssome guy in Cleveland our readers and Carnival devotees. But hey, you weren’t really blogging for profit anyway, were you?

New bloggers may also want to consider submissions to the Showcase Carnival (of new blogs), currently showing at Dave’s Not Here and returning to The Random Yak on December 18.

Christmas bloggers should definitely consider the Carnival of Christmas, now taking submissions through Adam’s Blog – and while you’re at it, consider joining the Christmas Alliance, headquartered here at TRY.

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Showcase Carnival: Thanksgiving Edition

Filed under: Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 5:23 am on November 20, 2006

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Week edition of the Showcase Carnival (that’s the carnival of new blogs, for those of you just peeking out from under that rock you’ve been living under).

Given that it’s Thanksgiving week, let’s take a look at some of the things our contributors are (apparently) thankful for (with editorial thanks from The Yak):

WorldWide Success gives thanks for the secret to success in business (or anything else). The secret? Good ol’ fashioned work. Hard work, at that. (Thanks to God for the ability to work hard and the stamina to work until the job is complete.)

Hmm. seems somewhere between an informational website and a blog, but it permits trackbacks so I’m going to class it with the blogs for now. The piece on Hip Fractures suggests we should all be thankful for our health and for the ability to obtain information about treatment when in need. (Thanks for health, strength and the ability to seek competent medical advice.)

Keeping with the medical theme for a moment, Writes Like A Girl speaks to the subject of Automated External Defibrillators and how the gift one makes fun of in December might save your life in June. (Thanks for the salvation that comes from God, as well as the medical advances that help to give some people a second chance to know Him before it’s too late.)

From the Degenerate Leftist we have a heroic tale of man versus mouse actually titled “How I Defeated the Mice” but perhaps also properly known as “Mousowolf“. An epic tale which leaves us thankful that men are stronger than mice. (Thank you, LORD, for the blessing of a rodent-free home…)

Over at Verve Coaching, Erek Ostrowski examines Heroes and Role Models, and learns that the true heroes are not the ones we find on the silver screen. (We are thankful that we need not be perfect, that God forgives our faults and that He provides us with positive role models in Christ and in those around us.)

Story Storage takes an interesting look at shopping. (I confess, I am thankful that the grocery store isn’t actually quite this traumatic.)

That’s all the thanks the new bloggers are offering this week. Remember: the Showcase Carnival (of New Blogs) pitches its tents at a new blog every week. If you’ve got a blog less than three months old, feel free to submit your best (or worst…) entry of the week. The easiest method is using the Submission Page at Next week’s host: our friend Pet over at Pet’s Garden Blog(who has a new blog template – which happens to be our favorite one so far). Hope to see you there!

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[21] In other countries, evidence about the physical location of ringtones chicken sound at a given time has been introduced by triangulating the individual’s cellphone between several cellphone towers.

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In the event of motorola for ringtones create phones disaster response crews can locate trapped or injured people using the signals from their motorola for ringtones create phones s.

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By using ringtones at e-40 t broad definition, the total subscriber count of 3G phone users is 475 million.

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Patent 887,357 for caliendo frank free ringtones telephone was issued in to Nathan B.

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In many countries, such as free ringtones rangers glasgow States, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Japan, and South Korea and Vietnam GSM co-exists with other internationally adopted standards such as CDMA and TDMA, as well as national standards such as iDEN in the USA and PDC in Japan.

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In old phones, this voltage was used to trigger ringtones free panasonic electromagnet to ring a bell on the phone.

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Taking advantage of these features, free ringtones phonezoo like free ringtones phonezoo like maker trend has emerged.

Rumors of a Showcase Carnival

Filed under: Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 10:57 am on October 10, 2006

Rumors of a Showcase Carnival in this space areare apparently greatly exaggerated.

Some of you probably showed up here yesterday looking for the Showcase Carnival (aka, theCarnival of New Blogs).Seeing none, you wandered through the wilds of the Internet sad and confused, wondering why – why – WHY?

Ok, maybe not.

But whether or not anyone noticed, the Showcase Carnival was scheduled to stop here yesterday, and it didn’t – primarily because we now know the answer to the eternal question: What if we gave a Carnival and nobody came?

100 Million blogs in the naked city. Thousands of new ones a day…and not one shows up for the carnival. Leaving the host standing alone on a desolate mounaintop, listening to the wind…

Ok, that’s not technically quite true. There was one entry. One on-time entry. One brave soul seeking refuge among the abandoned tents.

So who is this stalwart soul? This long-suffering carnie willing to show up whenothers would not? It’s Phil! (No, not THAT Phil – THIS Phil) Phil for Humanity offered up 10 Reasons nobody Clicks on Your Ads.

Thanks to Phil for making the climb. Nice to have you on the mountain.

Next week the carnival pitches its tents at Dave’s Not Here. If you own a new blog (3 momnths or less) send in your submissions now – there’s always room at the carnival!

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3 billion by November, 2007[9], thus reaching loans day pay in tempe az of over half the planet’s population.

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Operators use loans personal secured cardiff of predesignated frequency bands determined by the network requirements and local regulations.

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In most countries today, the person receiving to xanax dizziness control call pays nothing.

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Pay as you go (also known as “pre-pay”) accounts were invented simultaneously in Portugal and Italy and today form more than half of all words slang xanax subscriptions.

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AAC: Some phones like classification xanax pregnancy Ericsson W810i support classification xanax pregnancy s in “.

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[56][57][58] While prescription online xanax pharm doctor claim of damage to bees was widely reported, the corrections to the story were almost non-existent in the media.

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Given the high levels of societal mexico order xanax service penetration, it is mexico order xanax means for people to communicate with each other.

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Lithium-Ion batteries are sometimes used, as they are lighter and do not have xanax hotline depression that nickel metal-hydride batteries do.

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In xanax at extended business com the “communications of every mobile telephone user are recorded”.

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Mobile phones send and receive radio signals with any number of cell site base stations fitted with microwave antennas.

Labor Day Carnivals, Symphonies and Linkfest

Filed under: Random Carnivals,Random Linkfests — Random Yak @ 10:07 am on September 4, 2006

Today is Labor Day, and (not surprisingly) I’m celebrating by…working. (Hey – it seemed reasonable at the time.)

Hopefully the rest of you have something slightly more relaxing in mind (and if you’re here, you’re not working), but just in case you need some assistance keeping yourselves entertained:

The newest Best of Me Symphony is up at The Owner’s Manual. As always, a good place to spend an afternoon.

Too exciting? Marisa at Apartment 2024 has the new Carnival of the Mundane. Yes, that’s what all the pounding on the ceiling was about.

And last but certainly not least, the new Showcase Carnival (of New Blogs) is upat Dave’s Not Here. Go over and show your support by visiting the new blogs. The bloggers will thank you and you might just find something worth reading.

Yes, I’m busy today but I’ll try to get the herd moving a little later in the morning, once I get some things done. In the meantime, check out the carnivals – or if you’re blogging (Yeah, right. You’re all sitting around the pool with barbecue while I’m here working), consider this your Monday-Wednesday Open Trackback Post.

Linking in to Linkfest Haven, because that’s what we do with linkfests, you know.

Linking in:

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Monday Carnivals: News, Views and Stews

Filed under: Random Carnivals — Random Yak @ 7:39 am on August 21, 2006

It’s Monday, which means carnival time. No, not here – at least not today – but never fear, there’s plenty of fun around the ‘sphere this morning.

The Best of Me Symphony (including an offering from the Yak) is up at The Owner’s Manual. These are “the good bits” from good bloggers – entries are over 60 days old, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!

There’s a new Showcase Showdown Carnival over at Shoot a Liberal. (No, no yaks there. We’re too old to play, but we still encourage you to go check it out)

And for the food lovers among you, the Carnival of the Recipes went up Friday over at Everything And Nothing.

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